Very few things are certain in business. You can’t predict the sales pipeline, the economy or escalating costs. This uncertainty is a challenge for all businesses, big and small.

But as your fully independent commercial energy broker, we can make things a little bit more certain.

We can give you the opportunity to secure the best prices in the market for electricity, gas and water. We can fix these prices, not just for now, but for the future. And if you’re not ready to switch, we can even secure current prices for you now, for when your contract ends.

We’d all like to see into the future. Let Club Power future-proof your commercial energy bills now.

How your business will benefit, now and in the future

It’s our job to constantly monitor and compare energy prices across all the utilities. With one phone call, we bring the best prices for electricity, gas and water to you.


As fully independent, whole of market brokers, we negotiate the best prices for our clients from all the suppliers in the electricity, gas and water sectors. Whether you’re a small business or large multi-site operation or chain, we’ll get you the most cost effective and practical solution, including bundling and aligning multiple contracts.


Once we secure a fantastic rate, we’ll fix it for you and if you’re mid contract, we can even hold current prices for you for when you are ready to switch.


Consider us not just your energy brokers but your contract managers. Your dedicated Account Manager in our UK based team will manage and monitor your electricity, gas and water contracts, be on hand with expertise and guidance on energy efficiency, handle all contract paperwork related to switching suppliers and resolve any queries with suppliers.


Liaising with multiple electricity providers, we’ll look at your needs as a business, now and in the future, and find the best fixed or flexible deal for you. If you’re a multi-site operation, we’ll look at the whole business and tie up contracts to make things simpler and more cost effective.


Our experts will search the market for the best gas deals, however small, big, simple or complex your business may be. We’ll navigate the full market and handle everything for you including all administration related to contracts and switching, ensuring your gas bills are as low as possible.


Let us give you peace of mind that your water bills are as low as possible and fixed wherever possible into the future. Our water procurement professionals have a deep insight into the market and we know where to look, employing our skills to negotiate and manage your transfer and ongoing contract with a new water supplier.

  • Save money – expert analysis of market prices of electricity, gas and water
  • Peace of mind – certainty through fixing prices of utility costs longer term
  • Simpler contracts – we’ll tie up, bundle and align multiple contracts for multi-operation, chain or franchise businesses
  • Save time – we’ll handle the research, negotiation, switch, administration and liaison with suppliers
  • Help available – for any questions or advice on utilities or energy efficiency, your UK based team are here at the end of the phone

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Be part of our future and invest in your own by becoming a Club Power associate.

About Club Power

At Club Power we believe in harnessing the power of our UK based energy industry experts to benefit businesses. Navigating and procuring utility contracts is a time-consuming and often frustrating experience, something busy business owners can do without.

But for us it’s more than just finding the best price. The future of energy brokerage is about added value, this is what businesses want. We believe in negotiating hard. Securing fixed rates to give businesses peace of mind in the future. Taking all the stress and time out of the process so that our clients see us as a true long term invaluable energy procurement partner.

Our eye is always on the future, so we’ll never be complacent. Our business model is based on a community of well-supported home-based Associates who share the company passion for service and value. This approach keeps our costs down, benefiting our customers, and enables us to offer an efficient, flexible service. For this reason, you’ll always find us responsive, proactive and willing to help.

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